Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 48: Nettle Island to Mayne Bay

A fellow C-Dory owner, Terry, emailed me a few days ago and recommended I contact his friends, John and Bev, who have a house in Mayne Bay. I emailed John and Bev and they were at their home and invited me to tie to one of their mooring buoys for the evening.

On my way over I stopped at Hand Island and explored a bit on shore. It’s one of the designated kayaking campsites, but nobody else was present in the late morning. Several sandy beaches were quite attractive. On a sunny day I could sit ashore and read for hours. Or explore on foot for an equally long period.
Anchored at Hand Island

Lots of great exploring at Hand Island

I found John and Bev’s cabin easily enough. John paddled out and helped me grab the mooring buoy, then welcomed me to their slice of paradise. They have a beautiful home overlooking Mayne Bay. Rocky beaches stretch for miles in each direction. I happily used their shower before we walked along the beach for a couple hours. Then back to the house for (more) drinks and dinner. John and Bev, thanks so much for your hospitality!

And more great exploring in front of John and Bev's cabin
5.1 nm today
960.5 nm total

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