Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 45: Effingham Bay to Joe’s Bay

In the morning I get my first glimpse of the Broken Group. The weather is cloudy—almost foggy—but the area is still quite dramatic. Small, rugged islets dot the landscape. They’re beautiful, and plentiful. From the charts, there seem to be a lot of anchorages suitable for a boat or two, but relatively few large anchorages. There are also a whole lot of rocks in places they might not be expected. This is a place where careful navigation is paramount!
The windswept trees on the outside of the Broken Group are impressive.
On my way from Effingham Bay to Joe’s Bay I poked into several anchorages. One already had another boat. Another was shallower than the chart indicated. Eventually I made my way into Joe’s Bay. Three or four sailboats were already anchored, and I selected a spot far from them, in an uninhabited corner of the bay.
Joe's Bay starts filling up
By mid-afternoon the sun was shining and the anchorage was filling up. By nightfall, 10 sailboats were in the anchorage and one other powerboat…this is packed compared to anywhere else I’ve been this trip! One sailboat anchored 188 feet from me (I turned the radar on to check). Thankfully we swung in sync.

The kayaking around Joe’s Bay is varied and interesting. The water was fairly warm, definitely swimmable. Overall it’s a nice anchorage, just a bit too crowded.

I passed 1000 hours on the Honda 90 outboard today. It’s been a great engine, with only a single problem (leaky thermostat cover) in that time. 2000 here I come!

6.0 nm today
945.3 nm total

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