Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 30: Hisnit Inlet to Head Bay

The weather always hangs over me on the west coast. Since traveling offshore requires decent weather, and I try to travel offshore (between sounds) every 5-10 days, I find I’m constantly listening to the weather forecasts, hoping not to get boxed in by a weather system.

Anchorage at Head Bay
Exploring the river estuary by kayak
This morning I listened to the weather forecast, as always. Not encouraging. Environment Canada says 30-40 knots through the weekend. I guess I’ll take my time exploring Nootka Sound!

I cruised slowly to Head Bay, a particularly attractive anchorage, at least on one side. On the other side, an active log booming operation runs from very early in the morning to early in the evening. The drone of diesel engines is nearly constant. But, it did provide some entertainment. Every half hour or so, a massive, off-road logging truck showed up, then dumped its bundle of logs onto a skid. The logs plunged into the water in a massive curtain of water.
Bundle of logs on the skid...
...and into the water
Head Bay also has good kayak exploring, thanks to a large, shallow river estuary. The water is crystal clear and it’s fun to watch the sea life underwater.

7.2 nm today
688.4 nm total

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