Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 38: Windy Bay to Bacchante Bay

After a leisurely morning, we eventually departed Windy Bay for Whitesand Beach, Ahousat, and then Bacchante Bay. Just a mile out of Windy Bay we spotted a bunch of tour boats in a bay looking at bears ashore, so we joined them. We watched several black bears for an hour or so, then continued to Whitesand Beach.
Foraging on the beach
Flipping over rocks and eating everything underneath
At Whitesand Beach we anchored in just five feet of water, made lunch, and paddled ashore. The beach is beautiful and can be accessed by boat or by trail from Marktosis. Boating in is easier. The anchorage is shallow and not protected from southwesterly winds, but in a northwesterly it’s just fine.
Whitesand Beach
Retriever anchored off Whitesand Beach
From Whitesand Beach we headed for Ahousat to get gas (cheaper than Tofino) and a bit more ice. Then we were off to Bacchante Bay. On the way to Bacchante Bay I poked into an anchorage called the “Megin River Delta” that Dreamspeaker spoke highly of. It did look like a nice place to explore, but a brisk wind and two foot chop in the anchorage made it pretty uncomfortable.
View from the cockpit in Bacchante Bay
Kayaking in Bacchante Bay
Bacchante Bay, with its towering hillsides, a waterfall, and a grassy meadow at the head, is beautiful. I explored by kayak and Ben tried kayaking for the first time. The winds made it a bit tough, but he got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Tomorrow we’ll go to Hot Springs Cove.

40.0 nm today
835.3 nm total

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