Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 25: Walters Cove to Nuchatlitz

I woke up at 5:30, listened to the weather forecast, and then made final preparations for departure. The weather sounded good, which was nice after several days of blustery winds. The only downside was fog, which was fairly heavy in Walters Cove and got thicker as I left.

Visibility for much of the trip was only a few hundred yards, but sea conditions were calm—just a low swell. As I approached Tatchu Point, more and more targets appeared on radar, and the fog lifted a bit. Lots of sportfishing boats, many without radar, zooming all over the place.
The fog lifted near Tatchu Point
I stopped first at “the spit” on Catala Island. The anchorage here is not well protected from swell, so it isn’t a good spot to overnight, but the beach and caves make for interesting exploring. I had breakfast, went ashore, and then continued on to Nuchatlitz for the night.
Anchored at "the spit"
One of several caves on Catala Island
As soon as I anchored in Nuchatlitz the rain started falling in a big way. It poured all day, while I read, watched a movie, and napped. Tough life!

A 50-foot sailboat came in a bit after 5:00, the first cruising boat I’ve seen in about 10 days. I wonder if more people are out here in July and August?
Nuchatlitz has a good beach for going ashore
After dinner the weather finally cleared, and I paddled around the bay. It’s a gorgeous and diverse bay, with interesting beaches on one side and rock formations on another. A lagoon is perfect for exploring by kayak.

23.2 nm today
625.9 nm total

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