Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 27: Zeballos to Tahsis

Another 16 miles to go today, with a stop in the middle at Esperanza. The day dawned gray and drizzly, but cleared to sunshine by midday.

I cruised slowly to Esperanza. Esperanza is now a Christian camp, but they have facilities for visiting boaters, including fuel, water, moorage, and a small store. Jerry enthusiastically showed me around the property, which is well kept and beautiful.
Esperanza is a particularly scenic location
From Esperanza I headed to Tahsis. For the first time since the Broughtons I tied up at a private marina. The Westview Marina here is busy with fishing boats in for the Canada Day long weekend.

Tahsis Narrows are easily negotiated and not subject to strong current

Civilization means laundry, shower, grocery shopping, etc. Chores! Westview Marina is a nice place to do chores, though.

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  1. Hi Sam-

    When you head into Clayoquot Sound I highly recommend you spend some time in a bay called Hootlakoota. Its well worth exploring as its main opening faces the ocean and it has a narrow channel at the other end, for kayak only. On the Flores island side is a lake that is right next to the bay. Ive caught coho in this bay with a fly pole by rowing and trolling a small saltwater fly.

    I have over 18 years experience exploring Clayoquot. Have fun there and meet my friends in Tofino!