Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 37: Tofino to Windy Bay

Time for some chores. I filled the water tank, washed the boat, and did some cleaning since Dad and 6-year-old Ben are arriving late this afternoon.

They arrived around 4:30. We got everything loaded on the boat, then headed for the grocery store to get food for the next five days. After stocking up, we returned to the boat, loaded yet more stuff aboard, and set off for nearby Windy Bay.

Windy Bay is an apt name. Douglass says the wind funnels over a low spit of land and accelerates through the bay, and it sure felt like it. I’d estimate 25+ knot winds all night. With 4:1 scope, we didn’t drag an inch. The anchorage at Windy Bay is quite scenic, with a beautiful cliff on one side and a small grassy area at the head. That said, the wind makes it unpleasant for exploring. The small chop didn’t result in any uncomfortable rolling, but it slapped noisily on the hull all night.

7.2nm today
795.3 nm total

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