Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 55: Jacques-Jarvis Lagoon to Pinkerton Islands

We took a somewhat difficult route to the Pinkertons today, through much shallow water. I think we surprised a couple of kayakers at one point. They probably couldn’t figure out what a “big boat” was doing in 2.5-feet of rock-studded water!

Exploring the shallow areas is pretty cool. Lots of sea life is visible in the clear water, and there aren’t any other boats.
Is that a rock ahead?
When we arrived in the Pinkertons, we were the only boat. Nice!

More relaxing aboard. I napped. Perfect afternoon.

Before dinner we took the kayaks on a lengthy paddle through the Pinkertons. Not much wildlife, but beautiful scenery. Somehow I manage to inadvertently hit rocks regularly in the kayak. Thankfully I haven’t yet had that propensity when driving Retriever.
Paddling through the Pinkertons
Three other boats filtered into the anchorage during the evening. One anchored really close, just 170-feet away (I turned on the radar). It was a charter sailboat out on a training trip. A licensed captain runs the boat while paying guests learn how to operate a sailboat. Evidently the captain realized they were too close, and moved farther away soon after anchoring. I’m glad he didn’t train everyone to anchor so close!

3.8 nm today
1042.8 nm total

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