Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 28: Tahsis to Bodega Cove

I had a busy morning grocery shopping, filling up the boat with gas and water, and meeting with the owners of Westview Marina to get information updated for the 2014 Waggoner. I didn’t get out of the marina until midday.

Tahsis Inlet is long, and devoid of any anchorages for much of its length. Bodega Cove is just about the first anchorage available, so I headed for it.

Six miles out of Tahsis (about an hour at my slow cruising speed) the Raymarine C80 MFD shut itself. It then (all on its own) entered an endless cycle of failed boot ups.

This device is my primary chart plotter and my only radar. I could make do with without it, but I’d be without radar unless I could get the C80 running again.

Instinctively I unplugged every connection, then plugged them back in and made sure they were clean and tight. Same result. I broke out the multimeter. The power showed 13.5 volts…perfect. Finally, I pulled up the C80 manual (which I had saved on my iPad as a PDF…this makes searching easy!).  I found the troubleshooting section, and it suggested I perform a master reset by holding the first softkey during the boot up cycle. Bingo! I lost all my settings, routes, tracks, etc., but the C80 was running again!

I continued to Bodega Bay. Two anchorages are available here, an outer basin and an inner cove. I opted for the inner cove, and was, once again, the only boat around. The narrow entrance channel had a least depth of 10 feet at a six-foot tide, which was more than ample for me.

Inside the water was serene. Seals frolicked throughout the cove, but I didn’t find much other wildlife. I explored a bit by kayak and found the bay shoals rapidly to the north.
Leaving Bodega Cove the next morning...the clouds had rolled in
Today was, once again, brilliantly sunny. This sunshine, and a high-pressure system offshore, are bringing windy conditions. The winds seem to be blowing 30+ knots offshore every day. Locals say the mornings are much better, so I’ll have to keep an eye on the weather for making the trip around Estevan Point.

15.1 nm today
670.6 nm total

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