Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 39: Bacchante Bay to Hot Springs Cove

We cruised to Hot Springs Cove mostly at displacement speed, arriving early in the afternoon. When we pulled to the dock, Sam, a local tour boat operator who I’d met last week here, told me about three gray whales just outside the entrance to the cove. We dropped the kayaks at the dock and headed out for some whale watching. Sure enough, they were indeed right outside the cove, just a couple of miles from the dock. We got a decent show, but drifting downwind of whales is awfully stinky…they’ve got seriously bad breath!
Huge gray whale
Gray whale fluke

We relaxed at the dock until mid-evening when the last tour boat left, then walked the boardwalk to the hot springs for a soak. The weather was perfect and the bugs weren’t bad, thanks to a light breeze. These hot springs are great when there aren’t a lot of people, but I can’t imagine going midday with 60+ bodies vying for 10 good soaking spots.

No other boats on the dock overnight and only a couple of sailboats at anchor.

18.9 nm today
854.2 nm total

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