Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 40: Hot Springs Cove to West Whitepine Cove

The crowds don’t arrive at Hot Springs Cove until about 9:30, so we enjoyed a final morning soak before departing. And we were well rewarded—the gray whales that we saw yesterday were visible from the soaking pools. One even breached…a great show, and especially enjoyable when bathing in 110 degree water!

Then it was time to check out a new anchorage. I wanted to get part way back to Tofino today, and West Whitepine Cove looked good on the charts.
West Whitepine Cove
Jumping in for a swim!
West Whitepine Cove isn’t dramatic like Bacchante Bay, but it’s tranquil and scenic. Douglass said the water warms up to swimmable temperatures in the cove, and he was right. By late afternoon, I was sufficiently hot to go for swim. The water temperature was reasonably comfortable and the sun shower was ready  (read hot) when I got out.

We paddled around the bay in the evening, looking for wildlife. Lots of bird life, but not much else. The bay is much larger than it appears on charts, but much of it is too shallow for comfortable anchoring. Great kayaking, though.

19.4 nm today
873.6 nm total

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