Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 35: Bacchante Bay to Quait Bay

The weather pattern around here is becoming clear: foggy, still mornings and sunny, breezy afternoons. This morning dawned foggy, and I waited in Bacchante Bay until the worst of it lifted.

Once I left, I quickly ended up in Sulphur Passage, a narrow, winding, rock-studded shortcut to my next destination. Currents run to four knots, but were just 1.5 knots when I went through. The passage, despite a reputation for being challenging was easy.

I stopped in Ahousat, a small community with a fuel dock, store, hotel, and restaurant. Then I went to nearby Marktosis, a First Nations community that is also the starting point for a trail out to a beautiful (apparently) white sand beach. Nobody could tell me how long the trail was, and it cost $25 to walk, so I passed. Maybe next week…
On the way to Ahousat
Boat graveyard at Marktosis
Typical view in Clayoquot Sound

After lunch at Ahousat I continued to Quait Bay to spend the night. Quait Bay is nice enough, but not particularly notable. A large lodge on floats in the bay is private.

So far I’m enjoying Clayoquot Sound. Logging is much less pronounced here, and eco tourism is much more prevalent.

25.4 nm today
778.0 nm total

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