Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 31: Head Bay to Moutcha Bay Resort

On my way into Head Bay yesterday I spotted a massive lodge, extensive docks, and a half dozen (or more) yurts on shore. Curious, I stopped by this morning and found the almost-new Moutcha Bay Resort.
New, wide, stable docks
The main lodge building with boat launch in front
A dockhand helped me tie up and I started asking questions about the facility. Yes, it’s public, they have fuel, water, power, etc. The girl at the dock sent me up to talk with the manager so I could get information about this new facility for the Waggoner.

The manager filled in some more details, and I got acquainted with the facility. It’s really stunning; first class in every way. The docks are new and beautiful; the lodge is huge, perfectly clean, and tastefully decorated.

After talking with the manager I met the owner, a very wealthy Seattle apartment developer. He’s obviously sunk a ton of money into this place, and seems to enjoy it. Many of the visitors trailer their boats in and either stay at the lodge, in a yurt, or at one of the campsites. I was the only one staying on my boat, but they have plenty of room for cruisers and all the amenities one could want.
The sunset at Moutcha Bay was magical
Without a doubt, this is the most luxurious facility I’ve come across on the west coast. It’s also the most expensive, but a little luxury is nice after weeks of wilderness.

1.7 nm today
690.1 nm total

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