Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 49: Mayne Bay to Pinkerton Islands

Today I headed for Lucky Creek. Bob Hale described it as a place straight out of a Walt Disney film. I just had to see it. The challenge is the tides, though. Lucky Creek dries at low tides, so it can only be accessed when the tide is in. Today, high tide is at 1:24 pm. Perfect.

I arrived at Lucky Creek at about 11:00. I made a quick brunch while anchored near the entrance, then headed in. Much of the creek was only three to four feet deep, but that poses no problem for a C-Dory. I crept in, though, since I had no idea where any shoals or poorly placed rocks might be. Thankfully I never hit bottom.

The trip up Lucky Creek is pretty neat. It’s like traveling in a rainforest river. Lush foliage hangs over the still water. Birds sing. Bugs buzz around.
Heading up Lucky Creek
I had hoped to anchor at the head of the creek for the night, but I couldn’t find any water that was deep enough. I did anchor (with a stern tie…tied off from the cockpit by backing the boat right up to a fallen tree) and explore ashore, though.
Anchored at Lucky Creek.
Stern tying is easy when a dinghy isn't required!
After scrambling up a steep, slippery rock a series of magnificent small pools await. On a warm day, it would be magnificent swimming. Unfortunately the clouds hung low when I visited, and I left without taking a dip. Next time…
Seemingly endless pools at Lucky Creek
The trip out of Lucky Creek was easier, thanks to higher water from the still-rising tide. From Lucky Creek I made my way to the Toquaht Bay Marina. It is a fairly new facility that was recently shut down due to high levels of arsenic and other pollutants in the area. Now it’s a ghost town.

Then I headed for the Pinkerton Islands to drop the anchor for the night. Another pleasant anchorage. By late in the afternoon the sun was shining and I took the kayak out for a spin. A Nordhavn 46 named Penguin was anchored next to me. I’ve always admired the 46 Nordhavn and would love to live aboard one in the future. I got to chatting with the owners, Doug and Kathlyn, and learned that they live aboard at Shilshole in Seattle. They gave me a tour and I was impressed...well thought out systems, plenty of space, great built quality. Now I just need to find a bunch of money!
Penguin, a Nordhavn 46...future home?
Beautiful moon rise from the Pinkerton's
15.6 nm today
976.1 nm today

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